I made a mini movie!

I made a video about 2 students that met through Stevie T’s Social Media class, it needs tweaking but it’s pretty funny!
I’m a little proud 🙂



I’m testing out my Hootsuite to see wha

I’m testing out my Hootsuite to see what all the buzz is about – it’s pretty darn useful!

Down Under!

Click for full size pic!

It’s nice to be back in the classroom with Stevie T learning more in-depth social media information, this stuff is like gold dust!

Although it is somewhat not related to this class, I have posted a photograph of Sydney, Australia as I have now applied to immigrate over there to pursue a better life, but more importantly a good career in media, marketing and social networking! I feel that this class will definitely give me the upper hand on entrance to a position in the industry, and make me look oh-so media savvy!

L Plates on!

So within 2 hours I have come to understand social media, and how to apply it to your business/band…

From my point of view being in a band and using social media allows us as a collective to have a brand and personality of it’s own, rather than 5 seperate people bla bla-ing!

Facebook and Twitter gives a business the opportunity to connect with existing and new audiences on a different level, have a bit of a laugh and make it as personal as you need it to be.

Any information you want to write about has to be tailored for each site too, so for Facebook you would want a short piece that stands out and makes people want to read it, for Twitter it’s a little harder as you have a tiny limit to what you can write but can make it more fun, and people can take it in without thinking!

Can ALL businesses do well using this though??

Does the internet have a face? 😀 😦 😛

WP virgin

Hi hi,

I’m not sure how many people will read this, how it all really works but I will carry on typing anyway.

I feel like I’m chatting away to myself, which…I am, but my friend Paul is looking over my shoulder to spy on what I’m doing because he REALLY has no idea what he’s doing. What a tool 😛

I feel like a freak, but I kind of like it. I could get used to this!

More soon

Kim 🙂

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